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Williamson Driftriders Snowmobile Club
Adirondack Snowmobile Plan page

Important opoints to argue when talking with people about this plan!

Adirondack Snowmobile Plan

Talking Points


  • 8 Foot wide trails are not safe. Todays snowmobiles are 48 wide. To meet another sled on the trail is a recipe for an accident. Trails need to be wider.
  • The Plan calls for eliminating tracked groomers on IIA and IIB trails. Why? Groomers do not damage the land. If a groomer can fit on the trail it should be allowed to be used. Grooming with snowmobiles is giant leap backwards. What if a short trail segment on state land connects trails on private land? Does that mean the club has to stop grooming with a tracked groomer on the border of state land and pull out the inflatable skandic? How does the club get the tracked groomer to the trail on private land beyond the trail on state land? The plan actually calls for the elimination of grooming with any size machine on Class IIb trails.
  • 12' wide Community Connectors will be built. These are called Class III trails. The plan calls for these to be built parallel (within 500 of travel corridors or unit boundaries). These trails will be nothing more than a wider version of a hiking trail. According to the draft plan rocks protruding less than 6 cannot be removed. This has the potential of shortening the snowmobile season because grooming equipment will not be able to be used adequately unless there is sufficient snow cover. How would this benefit the economy of the Adirondacks?
  • The plan calls for no material increase of mileage within each individual unit. Common sense leads one to believe that if you move a trail from the interior and move it to the periphery that alone will add mileage. Why should we penalized for moving trails?
  • Trail classification will be determined during the Unit Management Plan process. That means we are operating on blind faith without the knowledge of how current trails will be classified.  Should we take that chance? The UMP process in the past has let us down. Many are convinced the outcome of UMPs are predetermined before there is a public meeting.
  • The plan says trails no longer used as snowmobile trails will re-vegetate. If these are used as hiking trails these trails will not have anything growing on them. Hiking trails are more eroded than a snowmobile trail.


Please take the time to read the plan and attend the public hearings. It is very important you submit a written copy of your remarks in your own words.




Please take the time to read the plan

 and attend the public hearings. It is very important you submit a written copy of your remarks in your own words.To make comments contact:


Robert Messenger

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Bureau of Forest Preserve Management

625 Broadway

Albany, New York 12233-4254

Fax: (518) 402-9028




To read the plan visit:

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