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Williamson Driftriders Snowmobile Club
Miles for Smiles!
Miles for Smiles!

A season long Charity event!!!

The driftriders' own Dick Cowley is working on a charity event for this season.  He's calling it "Miles for Smiles."
"Basicallly we envision it working something like a walk-a-thon, where sponsors sign up to contribute an amount based on mileage."
Cowley said at the October Driftriders meeting.
"We're still working out the details on how it would work.  We'd like it to go through out the whole season rather than just one event, perhaps having a series of official 'miles for smiles' rides, so we don't have to worry about bad weather ruining it."
The Williamson Driftriders will be the sponsoring Club for the event, that will benefit Easter Seals.
This could be a great opportunity to raise lots of money for a great cause!
E-mail your ideas for the event to Dick Cowley (click here).
The club will be voting on sponsoring the event at the November Meeting.

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